Father of Various fields

? Father of Various fields ?

♦️Father of the Nation ⟶ Mahatma Gandhi

♦️Father of Modern India ⟶ Raja Ram Mohan Roy

♦️Father of Linguistic Democracy ⟶ Potti Sreeramulu

♦️Father of Constitution ⟶ B.R Ambedkar

♦️Father of Modern Economics ⟶ Mahadev Govind Ranade

♦️Father of Modern Economic Reforms ⟶ Manmohan Singh

♦️Father of Nuclear/Atomic Program ⟶ Homi J. Bhabha

♦️Father of Space Program ⟶ Vikram Sarabhai

♦️Father of Missile Program ⟶ A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

♦️Father of Comic Books ⟶ Anant Pai

♦️Father of Geography ⟶ James Rennell

♦️Father of Cinema ⟶ Dadasaheb Phalke

♦️Father of Peasant Movement ⟶ N. G. Ranga

♦️Father of Paleobotany ⟶ Birbal Sahni

♦️Father of Blue Revolution ⟶ Hiralal Chaudhari

♦️Father of Green Revolution ⟶ M. S. Swaminathan

♦️Father of White Revolution ⟶ Verghese Kurien

♦️Father of Veterinary Science ⟶ Shalihotra

♦️Father of Civil Aviation ⟶ J. R. D. Tata

♦️Father of Air Force ⟶ Subroto Mukerjee

♦️Father of Civil Engineering ⟶ Sir Mokshagundam Vishweshvaraiah

♦️Father of Surgery ⟶Sushruta

♦️Father of Microbiology ⟶ Antonie Philips Van Leeuwenhoek

♦️Father of Modern Astronomy ⟶ Nicolaus Copernicus

♦️Father of Nuclear Physics⟶ Ernest Rutherford

♦️Father of Computer Science ⟶ George Boole and Alan Turing

♦️Father of Classification ⟶ Carl linneaus

♦️Father of Evolution ⟶ Charles Darwin

♦️Father of modern Olympic ⟶ Pierre De Coubertin

♦️Father of Numbers ⟶ Pythagoras

♦️Father of Genetics ⟶ Gregor Mendel

♦️Father of Internet ⟶ Vint Cerf

♦️Father of Botany ⟶ Theophrastus

♦️Father of Electricity ⟶ Benjamin Franklin

♦️Father of Electronics ⟶ Michael Faraday

♦️Father of Television ⟶ Philo Farnsworth

♦️Father of Nuclear Chemistry ⟶ Otto Hahn

♦️Father of Periodic Table ⟶ Dmitri Mendeleev

♦️Father of Geometry ⟶ Euclid

♦️Father of Ayurveda ⟶ Dhanwantari

♦️Father of Modern Medicine ⟶ Hippocrates

♦️Father of Computer ⟶ Charles Babbage

♦️Father of Astronomy ⟶ Copernicus

♦️Father of Economics ⟶ Adam Smith

♦️Father of Biology ⟶ Aristotle

♦️Father of History ⟶ Herodotus

♦️Father of Homeopathy⟶ Heinemann

♦️Father of Zoology ⟶ Aristotle

♦️Father of Blood groups ⟶ Landsteiner

♦️Father of Blood Circulation ⟶ William Harvey

♦️Father of Bacteriology ⟶ Louis Paster